Eboney W. Weathers


Eboney W. Weathers, also affectionately known as ‘Pastor E’ possesses a magnetic personality and a genuine spirit of love and passion for all people with her focused demographic being women. She has had an incredible journey in her life to this point. From a very celebrated career with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with her retiring at the age of 35 from a political appointee position with the Governor’s Office; to now serving as an Overseer in the Apex Alliance and a Lead Pastor of Apex Everywhere Inc. in Atlanta, GA. Whether governing policies to regulate the flow and disbursements of a billion dollars in funding, to planting churches from the ground up, her experience is vast and she has an impeccable reputation in secular business, entrepreneurship, and Kingdom ministry. She brings all this experience into every endeavor and life pursuit, which allows her to operate in the spirit of excellence and an uncanny wisdom, for which she is renowned.


As an Influencer and Mentor, Mrs. Weathers has a passion to reach women all over the world desiring to see them restored to wholeness and walking boldly and unapologetically in who they were created to be. She is dedicated to standing arm to arm with women to ensure they find their voice, so consequently their voices are heard throughout both Ministry and the Marketplace. As a native of Frankfort, KY now residing in Atlanta, GA, she is the very proud mother of three amazing children (Kali, Alexis, Larry III) and wife to her wonderful husband Pastor Larry D. Weathers II.