Chapter Member Benefits

Expand your network and sisterhood by connecting with local and international women. The membership includes the following:


  1. A personal Dear Sissy Membership Card

  2. Access to any local Dear Sissy Meetup “Over Coffee” anywhere in the world

  3. Discounts and Coupon Codes to shop at our Dear Sissy Boutique

  4. Access to a Monthly Mass Virtual Mentoring with President/Founder Pastor E

  5. A Monthly Newsletter to include but not limited to the following:

  • Life Hacks

  • Tips & Tools

  • Book of the Month

  • A Monthly topic of Declaration

  • Moment of Transparent-E 

  • Opportunities to volunteer at a local, national, and international level

Chapter Member Fees

There are two (2) payment options to maintain your membership:

  • $5 USD monthly

  • $50 USD annual  (BEST VALUE)

Please complete the Membership Application form below and once you submit your information, you will be automatically routed to the fee payment portal. Upon your payment, you will be officially be a member of DSGN and receive a confirmation letter from us along with your Official Membership Card. PLEASE NOTE: Your membership is not active without payment. Thanks!

Membership Application

International Members use 000000