Woman Matters.


Dear Sissy Global Network officially began in 2016 reaching women around the world through the power of social media. After three years of encouraging women online and hosting several Dear Sissy Meetups in Atlanta, GA, President and Founder Eboney Weathers saw the great need for women to connect with other women on a regular basis. This led to the creation of the Dear Sissy Global Network Community (an online community) in May of 2019. After seven months of connecting through our online community women began to express their need for two things: specialized mentoring and the opportunity to meet other women locally. On December 1, 2019 Dear Sissy Global Network launched its Chapter Membership Program providing women the opportunity to receive mass mentoring and attend Meetups in six states and two countries.


We are a Virtual and Global Community for women ages 18+ that provides women an opportunity to connect with other woman. Let’s face it, we live in a society where woman genuinely do not fellowship with other women because most have been betrayed and hurt by other females themselves. However, this traumatic experience doesn’t negate the genuine desire women have to create and to build real long-lasting friendships with other females, unfortunately many times it just doesn’t happen. So separately many are all left in a place of isolation to figure out how to balance careers, ministries, families, friendships, and relationships alone.


We were designed for the purpose of forming a sisterhood of women who can encourage and assist one another with various aspects of life. We believe that every woman has surmounted at least one personal obstacle, and it’s from that place of mastery women can begin to assist another woman in overcoming the same situation.


We allow women to see each from a real and transparent place, allowing the unification of Sisterhood, and also providing a platform and forum for women to release their power by leading and facilitating in Meetups and at local events.


Dear Sissy Global Network is a virtual and global community for women ages 18+ that provides them an opportunity to connect with other women around the world. Our purpose is to eradicate division between women by forming a sisterhood through love and encouragement without competition.


For a genuine sisterhood to be formed among women locally and globally.  Dear Sissy Global Network fosters the desire women have to build real long-lasting friendships with other women, by focusing on intentional acts of fellowship and displays of love. Through the concept of sharing wisdom and real testimonies, Members are strengthened in various aspects of life. With the support and encouragement of other females, women move from solidarity to unity.